Composer is an app that lets you access and automate a variety of professionally-created investment strategies that trade based on logic and data. These strategies are called symphonies, and they use advanced algorithmic trading techniques to capture upside and hedge risk in different market conditions.

You can browse through different symphonies on the app, such as momentum, paired switching, or Opus, which is a single strategy that is actively managed by Composer's Investment Committee. You can see how each symphony works in plain language, view its performance and live holdings, and even backtest it to see how it would have performed in the past.

You can also customize and create your own symphonies using Composer's no-code, visual editor. You can swap out assets, adjust programmatic logic, and tweak parameters to suit your preferences and goals. You can then backtest your symphony and compare it to a benchmark or another strategy.

Composer is a great option for anyone who wants to take advantage of advanced algorithmic trading without spending hours of research and screen time. Composer offers you a smarter way to invest your money that responds to market movements based on data and logic. You can choose from a range of symphonies that suit your risk tolerance and investment style, or create your own symphonies with ease.

A mockup of the strategy editor, showing how a strategy is built with a mix of specified and dynamic weights, filters and conditional statements, along with a preview of the backtest results.

Composer also offers you more automation and less worry. You don't have to worry about emotions or sensationalized tweets affecting your decisions. You don't have to monitor your portfolio constantly or manually rebalance your positions. Composer does all the work for you, while youenjoy the benefits of superior returns.

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